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Fresh ideas

At FaB PR we don’t just regurgitate the same plans for different companies, we get involved, as one of the team, so we know how a company works from the inside out and what makes it so special. This gives us the ability to pitch products, stories and news to key journalists.


Strong contacts

Across the board we know the right people to talk to. From news stories to product placement, we take pride in the strength of our contacts and the coverage we can land for you.



Many PR firms get caught up in report writing, planning and briefings and lose track of what they’ve been hired for. At FaB PR, we remember the reason we’ve been hired – to land you quality coverage with your key messages.


And if you are a food brand…Supermarket buyer experience

With experience working with supermarkets, we know exactly what it takes to be listed, stay listed and remain an important part of the fixture. We can help prepare you for meetings with buyers and prepare documents that show the supermarkets how this product is being received by the public.

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