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Since 2013

We're a boutique PR agency.

FaB PR is a boutique PR agency with big ambitions. We understand that small companies don't want little campaigns, which is why we believe that every client should be treated as the top client.


Tired of big agencies and being palmed off to junior members of staff once the pitch has been won? With Fab PR, you'll be working directly with the MD who has over 14 years of experience in consumer and corporate public relations.


We specialise in PR for food, drink, and hospitality. With a love for all things culinary and drink craftsmanship and an enviable contact book, we'll get you on the map.


We don't just stick to the traditional media here at Fab PR. Social media is just as important and is always included as part of our plans, whether that's through blogger engagement or social media management.


Our client experience:

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