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Since 2013

Fresh & Brave - We do things differently.

We are Fab.


A boutique Communications agency based in the UK with a truly global reach.


Tired of all the PR fluff and looking for results? Then you’ve reached the right place. If you are looking for an honest and open relationship with your PR or influencer marketing agency, then Fab is the right one for you.


Looking to kick off an influencer campaign but need to show ROI that impresses the board, or just testing the waters in TikTok, then we can help you make the most with strategies or full implementation.


We could wow you with our previous results, throw some impressive contact names your way or talk about big name clients we’ve worked with in the past, but this next step is about you. And, every single client deserves a unique and tailored strategy and set of tactics which we know will deliver.


Working on campaigns that stretch the globe from Canada and the US, to Europe and the Middle-East, we know how to create a buzz that stretches across the world or that is as small and geo-targeted as necessary.


So drop our founder a line at and schedule in a chat to find out what we can do for you.

Our client experience:

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